Geometric Analysis

Centre for Geometric Analysis

Research areas

In the Centre for Geometric Analysis we conduct research across a variety of topics. Our focus is on nonlinear partial differential equations, especially those related to problems in geometry, and noncommutative geometry. Among our more senior members is Professor Neil Trudinger, Fellow of the Royal Society, and Professor Alan Carey, who is (along with Trudinger) a Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science. Specialisations within our centre include an active group on geometric evolution equations, including fully nonlinear flows, flows with boundary and flows with high order; fully nonlinear partial differential equations; analysis in several complex variables; analysis in metric spaces; and minimal hypersurfaces.


  • Dr. Valentina Wheeler (Director)
  • Prof. Alan Carey
  • Dr. Tran Vu Khanh
  • Dr. Jiakun Liu
  • A/Prof. Peter Nickolas
  • A/Prof. Adam Rennie
  • Dr. Philip Schrader
  • Dr. Glen Wheeler

Associate members

  • A/Prof. James McCoy (University of Newcastle)
  • Prof. Neil Trudinger (UOW) Prof. Graham Williams (UOW)