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Industrial and Applied Mathematics Symposium 2015

The annual operator algebra and noncommutative geometry conference, Gongfest, was held 11-12 June 2015. This year's iteration of the hand-crafted, artisanal, and roots-based conference focussed on new up-and-coming talent, with talks provided mostly by recently graduated and soon-to-graduate PhD students, along with postdocs Adam Sierakowski (UOW) and Marco Matassa (Oslo). Adam has been at UOW for 3 years, and is soon leaving us for Canadian shores, while Marco is visiting UOW from Oslo.

Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear PDE (one day workshop)

The University of Wollongong will be hosting a one day workshop on Harmonic Analysis and Nonlinear PDE. Harmonic analysis and nonlinear partial differential equations are very active areas of mathematical research areas nationally and internationally. This event is an opportunity for Australian mathematical researchers working in these areas to share their work and discuss the latest developments in the field.

Geometric Invariance and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations Workshop

Several members of IMIA were involved in a recent workshop "Geometric Invariance and Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations", held at the coastal campus of Australian National University (ANU), in Kioloa NSW.


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IMIA Winter Scholarships 2013

IMIA has hosted it's third successive winter program for students to undertake paid mathematical research in the break between semesters. This year the program involved research in geometric analysis, number theory, operator algebra, and joint work in optimisation with SMART. Students ranged from first-year to third-year, and included Rebecca Armstrong, Tim Bywaters , Anthony Flynn, Justin Hill, Adam Humphreys, Michael van der Kolff, Alex Lawton, Michael Mampusti, Alex Mundey, Thomas Pinson and Justin Stephens. The winter program was once again a success, and many students gave presentations on their work.

IMIA National Lecture Series: Geometric Flows of Curves

During the Winter break Glen Wheeler from IMIA will deliver a series of lectures nationally across the Access Grid Network on geometric flows of planar curves. These flows have a diverse range of applications, including image repair and mathematical modelling: bushfires, closing wounds, and annealing metals are typical examples. The lectures focus on the curve shortening flow, the simplest flow of curves, which was intensely and highly successfully studied in the 80s by Gage, Hamilton, and Grayson. The main goal of the course is to prove the classical theorem that under the curve shortening flow embedded planar curves are transformed smoothly to round points – shrinking and smoothing out irregularities so that under the mathematical microscope, we eventually see a circle.

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Distinguished visitor

In March 2013, IMIA welcomed Dr Adam Sørensen or Copenhagen University. Dr Sørensen will spend two years working in IMIA. Dr Sørensen has recently made significant advances in the theory of classification of graph C*-algebras which are attracting worldwide attention. His position with IMIA is funded by a prestigious fellowship from the Danish Research Council, and was awarded at the highest available funding level. The purpose of this funding scheme is to allow Danish researchers to interact with international centres of research excellence in their fields. During his tenure with IMIA Dr Sørensen will draw on IMIA's world-leading graph-C*-algebra expertise in persuit of his research program, as well as expanding and strengthening IMIA's graph C*-algebras program.

'Gong-fest 2013

The University of Wollongong hosted the second instalment of the IMIA-sponsored conference 'Gong-fest at the end of February 2013. The event aims to facilitate sharing of ideas and research directions between researchers at UOW, ANU and UNSW working in the area of non-commutative geometry and operator algebras. The event featured six talks including one from Dr. Bram Mesland of the University of Warwick, and attracted some 25 participants including 10 IMIA PhD students.

AMSI Workshop "Graph C*-algebras, Leavitt path algebras and symbolic dynamics."

Five IMIA members and two IMIA PhD students took part in the AMSI workshop on graph C*-algebras, Leavitt path algebras and dynamical systems at the University of Western Sydney in February 2013. The conference was co-organised by Aidan Sims of IMIA and sponsored in part by IMIA funding. The conference featured 14 main speakers from around the world, including plenary lecture series from Gene Abrams (U. Colorado), Pere Ara (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) and IMIA member David Pask.

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The ANZIAM conference was held at the University of Newcastle in February 2013. The program included talks from three IMIA members and two IMIA PhD students. The program included a plenary address from IMIA member Jacqui Ramagge.

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Trilateral meeting on PDE and related topics 2012

The University of Wollongong hosted the Trilateral meeting on PDE and related topics in December 2012. The meeting included invited talks from 24 prominent mathematicians equally representing Australia, Italy and Taiwan, and involved 6 IMIA members, 5 IMIA Postgrads and 5 UOW undergraduate students. The event was co-sponsored by the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute, UOW and IMIA, and the organising committee included IMIA members James McCoy and Tim Marchant.

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EMCR Workshop on Symmetry

Four IMIA members spoke at the Early- and Mid-Career Research workshop on Symmetry at the University of Newcastle in December 2012. The workshop was partially sponsored by IMIA and attracted 15 researchers from around Australia.

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AustMS 2012

The 56th Annual Meeting of the Australian Mathematical Society was held at the University of Ballarat in September 2012. It was attended by eight IMIA members and five IMIA PhD and Honours students. The program included a plenary address by IMIA member Aidan Sims.

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